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Outlook on Global Business Travel 2017

International Business Travel Forecast 2017: Study shows reflection of the economic situation

Neu-Isenburg, 15/12/2016

AirPlus has published results of the twelfth International Travel Management Study // For the German market, a multifaceted picture emerges

German travel managers today are noticeably less worried about rising business travel costs than they were last year: Whereas in Germany 51 percent had assumed higher costs in 2016, for 2017 it is only 38 percent. That is one key finding of the twelfth AirPlus International Travel Management Study that has just been issued. The international market researcher 2hm surveyed 983 travel managers and 2,270 business travelers in 24 countries on behalf of AirPlus. The study thus gives a comprehensive comparison that makes clear the different assessments per region and country.

Travel volume should remain constant

The majority of German travel managers expect that the number of business trips in the coming year will remain constant. German business travelers are of a similar opinion. However at 32 percent, significantly more travelers than travel managers (22 percent) are expecting travel volume to grow in their companies. The impact of the economic situation on their company’s business travel activity is also assessed by travelers in Germany differently than by the travel managers: 29 percent expect a positive impact from the economy – with the travel managers, though, it is considerably lower with twelve percent.

Positive and negative signals

All in all, both groups think that 2017 will be similar to 2016. Yet if you compare their statements, they are at odds on many issues. “The fact that German business travelers look more optimistically to the future than their colleagues in travel management has already been shown in previous AirPlus studies. We believe that the different views reflect the current economic situation in Germany,” explained Michael Fürer, Director Sales Germany at AirPlus. “Brexit and its possible consequences cause the Germans just as much worry as does the weak economy in the rest of the Euro zone. In contrast, a markedly low number of unemployed, growing business confidence and increasing exports set positive signals.”

The mood is good in the USA

More than half the travel managers worldwide predict that the number of business trips in their companies will remain constant next year. Around one-third expect travel volume to increase. Similar views are held on average internationally by the business travelers.

Statements differ significantly from country to country, however: In France, for example, only eight percent and in Russia just six percent of the travel managers expect a greater number of business trips. US travel managers place the greatest expectations in the New Year by global comparison. A full 71 percent of the US travel managers anticipated more business trips in 2017. A spectacular increase: It was merely 26 percent in the previous year.

To access the study, please click here:

AirPlus International Travel Management Study 2017 Part 1 – Business Travel Forecast 2017

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