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AirPlus Business Travel Flashlight Nr. 2/2015: Goodbye Cash!

AirPlus Business Travel Flashlight Nr. 2/2015: Goodbye Cash!

Neu-Isenburg, 04/08/2015

Cash payments represent actual costs for companies, especially when business travelers submit their receipts for reimbursement. According to our surveys, at 171 million business trips per year, companies in Germany can save more than four billion euros by eliminating cash payments.

In particular, companies can benefit from eliminating the cost factor of cash payments. For travel expense reports, most companies still deal with cash in the form of receipts that must be booked into their systems, “despite the fact that companies have been working with cutting-edge software for some time,” says Michael Fürer, Director Sales Germany at AirPlus. “However, even the best software cannot cut down the 20 minutes it takes to process every receipt submitted– and the costs add up.”

In this video and in the guest commentary published in Handelsblatt, edition 143 dated 29 July, 2015, Patrick W. Diemer, Chair of the Executive Board of AirPlus International, describes ways companies can save money by consistently waiving the use of cash.

Anne Dreesen
AirPlus International
Phone: +49 (0) 61 02. 2 04 - 72 61

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