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Man sitting in a train is talking on the phone

Business travelers annoyed by fellow passengers’ phone calls

Business travelers annoyed by fellow passengers’ phone calls

Neu-Isenburg, September 19, 2019

The majority of business travelers are bothered when other passengers talk on the phone when riding the train, but do not themselves show consideration for other passengers. That is the result of a representative survey conducted by AirPlus International, a leading provider of payment solutions for business travel.

While nearly 45 percent of business travelers admit to being at least “a little” annoyed when their fellow passengers talk on the phone, ongoing chitchat on the phone makes about 17 percent really fume. Only about one-tenth of business travelers seem to be immune to all the yakking: 9.8 percent of them feel “not bothered at all.”

In turn, though, most business travelers are unwilling to go out of their way to find somewhere else to talk on the phone. Over two-fifths of business travelers prefer to stay in their own seat inside the train compartment when talking on the phone, and more than one-third stay sitting in the open-plan carriages to do the same. Just 20 percent go to the corridor at the end of the car to talk on the phone. Only five percent stated that they did not make any phone calls during the journey.

In general, business travelers rank talking on the phone fourth among their preferred activities on the train: 28 percent are happy to reach for their phones in transit – just behind reading newspapers and books (37.8 percent). The most popular activities are working on a laptop (52 percent) and reading and responding to e-mails (46.7 percent).

AirPlus International surveyed a total of 475 people throughout Germany in July for this representative online survey.

About AirPlus International:
AirPlus International is a leading international provider of solutions for the day-to-day management of business travel. Some 50,000 corporate customers rely on AirPlus when it comes to payment and analysis of their business travel activities. Products and services are marketed worldwide under the AirPlus International brand. The AirPlus Company Account is the most successful billing account within the UATP. For more information, please visit

Marcell Haag
AirPlus International
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