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Trasparency and efficency, solutions customized for State-Owned enterprises

AirPlus Company Account provides State-Owned Enterprises – highly integrated business travel payment management, effectively reduces the cost of business travel

Efficient Integration

  • Through AirPlus Company Account's central payment and settlement system, you can purchase from different airlines and business travel management companies and present a single statement with all transactions details. The Single statement allows you to perform cost analysis and data applications, thus achieving greater efficiency for your business travel management. AirPlus Company Account is a lodged card issued under your corporation's name and registered with designated business travel management companies for payment of your employees' travel expenses. It lets you enjoy the services before making payment.
  • With a global coverage of over 56 countries, you can take advantage of AirPlus's payment products and services to centrally manage business travel expenses for your local and international branches as well as overseas offices, thus enabling real-time monitoring of business travel expenses.
  • All your electronic billings data is compatible with your company’s downstream and internal systems. From travel reimbursement to financial accounting, it assists you in completing the entire workflow flawlessly, thus reducing workload and errors.
  • Depending on transaction volume, settlements are done every two weeks or monthly, providing you with interest-free repayment period, while at the same time, reducing the cost of capital for business travel management companies and helping them maintain competitive services and charges.
  • AIG's global the travel accident insurance includes up to 8 benefits, such as flight delays, flight cancellation, loss of property, baggage delays, etc. It covers up to RMB6 million per person for any single accident. For an annual fee of RMB2,000 per account, the averagely low premium includes unlimited number of tickets, which further reduce the cost of coverage for employees on business trips.

Helping State-Owned Enterprises achieve – compliance in business travel payment management

Transparent and Accurate Business Travel Expense Reporting

  • AirPlus's air ticketing transaction data is obtained directly from the database of the various airlines, which allows you to validate the integrity of your business travel service providers. It also corresponds with your enterprise's internal and external compliance review and reduces unnecessary risks.
  • AirPlus provides a single statement and the value-added tax invoice.
  • AirPlus Information Manager's online analysis tool enables company to gain instant insight on the state of their travel policy implementation, enabling them to oversee employees' travelling pattern and advise changes to their travelling behaviour in accordance with the companies' requirements. It also lets them amend travel policies promptly.

With AirPlus, you have a strong partner in business travel management at your side. We help you save time and money.

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