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Shanghai: 021-6075 6222
Beijing: 010-5633 0999
Shenzhen: 0755-8435 6250

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How can private owned companies save

As the first customer of AirPlus International in China's market, we have witnessed the growth and continuous exploration of AirPlus China. The professional and meticulous services from AirPlus brought us the improvement of transparency of our billing and the level of compliance. We believe AirPlus will upgrade the product and accelerate innovation.’

Localized products help you integrate business travel expenses

As a Private-Owned Enterprise, are you looking for a full set of business travel payment solutions that could assist you not only in integrating business travel payment but also in meeting the needs of globalized business travel payment while developing markets overseas? AirPlus International helps you realize the one-stop business travel management from billing to the analysis of your travel costs.

Reserve your business travel services effortlessly with central payment

Every trip starts with the reservation of public transport. AirPlus Company Account can assist you in settling your related cost of business travel services centrally while providing you with a comprehensive electronic statement which could help you simplify the process of business travel management.

Create business travel management platform through partners’ network

When your employees are on business trips in other countries, the business travel department may need a competent management agency and a settlement’s method of travel expenses which is generally recognized by globe market. Our solutions can be implemented locally anytime. Besides, based on our many years of experience, we can also offer you a comprehensive worldwide network of partners .

Consolidate travel expenses worldwide

AirPlus helps enterprises keep an eye on your travel expenses around the globe at all times. With our AirPlus Information Manager online analysis tool, you can consolidate all the data from the billing accounts and company credit cards of your international branches or subsidiaries and evaluate them at the push of a button. The data also give you the optimal basis for negotiating with travel service providers.

With AirPlus, you have a strong partner in business travel management at your side. We help you save time and money.

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