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Shanghai: 021-6075 6222
Beijing: 010-5633 0999
Shenzhen: 0755-8435 6250

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Professional solutions for multinational corporations

‘ Based on the professional business travel payment solution by AirPlus, plenty of time has been saved on reconciliations, and the transparency of the business trip gets improved notably. In parallel, the solid travel insurance solution also provides convenience and assistance to our employees.’

With the help of AirPlus, our audit of business travel expenses has achived an obvious improvement. We are also provided with a quicker access to the one-stop data of tickets' expenses which are more transparent and reliable. Thus, we can manage the business travel expenses even more smoothly and effectively.

Bring local and global in line

Companies doing business worldwide need to bring the specific local demands in line with the organization at headquarters, especially when it comes to business travel. We advise and support you in that – from billing and payment to the analysis of your travel costs.

Reserve your business travel services effortlessly with central payment

Every trip starts with the reservation of public transport. AirPlus Company Account can assist you in settling your related cost of business travel services centrally while providing you with a comprehensive electronic statement which could help you simplify the process of business travel management.

We make your partners our partners

Despite the centralization of your travel management, with us there is no need for you to give up your local travel agencies and partners: Our solutions can be implemented locally anytime. Plus, based on our many years of experience, we can also offer you a comprehensive worldwide network of partners.

Consolidate travel expenses worldwide

With AirPlus, you can keep an eye on your travel expenses around the globe at all times. With our AirPlus Information Manager analysis tool, you consolidate all the data from the billing accounts and company credit cards of your international branches and subsidiaries and evaluate them at the push of a button. The data also give you the optimal basis for negotiating with travel service providers.

AirPlus has worldwide experience you can count on: Our solutions for travel expense management are perfectly tailored to the needs of international corporations.

Learn more about our solutions for your travel expense management:

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