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FAQs about the Information Manager

All Air China AirPlus Company Account and CMB AirPlus Corporate Card data can be evaluated, as well as credit cards from other providers.

All of a company’s travel costs can be evaluated using AirPlus Information Manager. Various evaluations are possible:
- By company unit
- Descriptive billing data (by cost center, project number etc.)
- Type of service (i.e. flight) as a basis for negotiating prices, controlling or internal reporting

Up to 15 types of services can be evaluated (airline, train, hotel, etc.). Simply designed reports are available to enable the creation of individualized reports.

The AirPlus Information Manager is an Internet application. It can be used to access data wherever you are in the world and around the clock. Services are available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Chinese is in the works.

No, as many users as you want can be added without any additional cost. Plus, each user can receive a different level of access authorization.

Yes. In AirPlus Information Manager you will find descriptive billing data. A variety of evaluations with cost centers are possible

Personal data such as Corporate Card number, employee number, and traveler can be kept anonymous.

You have access to data for the current calendar year and two years before.

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