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FAQs about our travel agency services

AirPlus is a subsidiary of Lufthansa. The products and services, however, apply to all airlines, not just exclusively Lufthansa.

The Air China AirPlus Company Account is a company card that a business can use to centrally invoice airline tickets and other travel related services. Also known as an UATP card.

Simply order the contract and application forms from AirPlus and pass them on to clients.

Transparency of travel costs generally pays off with a transaction volume of at least 30,000 EUR.

If a company has several subsidiaries, of course, every subsidiary can have its own Air China AirPlus Company Account. In smaller businesses with only one travel agency, it isn’t necessary, because even with just one card, the AirPlus invoice provides a very detailed overview of incurred travel costs, which, upon request, can then be further sorted by descriptive billing data.

Airlines tickets from most international airlines and other travel related services.

With an AirPlus Merchant Agreement, a special agreement can be made between you and AirPlus, allowing you to invoice all services and charges through the Air China AirPlus Company Account.

A START CC process is the description for the invoice of all travel agency sales, except Amadeus flight bookings, made with a credit card. A START CC mask is opened and filled out accordingly.

All travel agency sales except Amadeus flight bookings. Credit vouchers naturally can also be managed here.

When invoicing travel agency services via the Air China AirPlus Company Account, the travel agency receives payment from AirPlus on the payment date given in the AirPlus Merchant Agreement.
When invoicing airline flights via AirPlus Company Account, the travel agency receives its payment (commission) from the airline (via BSP).

Bei Abrechnung von Flugleistungen via AirPlus Company Account erhält das Reisebüro sein Geld (Provision) von der Airline (via BSP).

Descriptive billing data are supplementary details, for example, cost center or employee ID number which provide a clearer overview of the AirPlus invoice.

Descriptive billing data are used for allocating travel costs to the originator.

Descriptive billing data are entered into the descriptive billing data template and can be corrected with the “DE transaction” on the day of ticket issue.

Descriptive billing data first has to be entered into the customer profile in a certain format (RM*) before automatic transfer of descriptive billing data from the customer profile can occur.

Some travel agencies forget to secure an approval code with manually produced documents. It is, however, absolutely necessary for including the descriptive billing data in the AirPlus credit voucher (match criteria).

AirPlus Electronic Billing is the delivery of AirPlus invoice data in electronic form for integration or processing in other systems (i.e. SAP or Oracle).

AirPlus Invoice Control is a software solution based on Excel from AirPlus that allows for further adaptation of electronic invoice data.

1. Consolidation of all data from AirPlus Corporate Cards and Air China AirPlus Company Accounts of an international company.
2. Including data from non-AirPlus credit cards

Management Information Systems evaluate data according to certain parameters in order to formulate data in a way which is more transparent for the company.

The management information system from AirPlus is for the evaluation, control and analysis of a company’s travel costs..

For example, to negotiate corporate net rates with airline companies, thereby lowering long-term travel costs.

AirPlus will make the data available.

The customer receives an easy-to-read invoice with clear allocations of costs and a high quality of data.

Travel agency services are all those which are provided by the travel agency or offered services such as net tickets, IT trips, congress arrangements, etc.

No, generally no card is sent out. You receive the Company Account number and validity date from your business client.

With new installations as well as changes or cancellation of the descriptive billing data (subject to a fee) the customer must get in touch with AirPlus. With new installations, in addition to the field name, the number of places (max. 17) also must be given.

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