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FAQS about the Business Travel Portal?

The AirPlus Business Travel Portal is a platform for all AirPlus products and services. You will find a quick overview of your card transactions, online billing and also have access to AirPlus products such as the AirPlus Information Manager and AirPlus Electronic Billing.

The portal provides you access to your AirPlus Company Account transactions and invoices, your AirPlus Corporate Card, the AirPlus Meeting Solution, and the AirPlus Travel Agency Account. In addition, the following online tools are available:
- AirPlus Information Manager
- AirPlus Expense Overview
- AirPlus Electronic Billing
- AirPlus FlexEbill

You can find the AirPlus Business Travel Portal at::

- Browser: Internet Explorer Version 6.0 and up, Mozilla Firefox Version 1.0 and up
- Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 4.0 and up
- Java Script: activated
- Cookies: accept all cookies
- SSL: min.128 bit encoding

The AirPlus Business Travel Portal is an Internet application allowing for worldwide access around the clock and in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. By late 2008, Chinese (Mandarin) will also be available.

As Travel Manager you can arrange for your travel agency to have access to the portal and also enable reading authorization for cards or access to certain services, for example, the AirPlus Information Manager. The travel agency can oversee descriptive billing data using the so-called Transfer Portal.

Yes. In Germany, an Air China AirPlus Company Account customer (using a download form) or an AirPlus Corporate Card holder can report changes to personal data using the portal.

Please use our service “Forgot Password” on the login page. After entering your company login and user name, you will be asked to answer a password question previously determined by you. With the correct answer, you will be assigned a new password.

Using your online card account, you can call up transactions and invoices from the last 12 months and digitally archive them or print them out.

The portal is SSL coded and access is guarded by a 3-step login.

You can find online help on the AirPlus Business Travel Portal at under the menu item “help”.

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