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FAQs about our settlement account

The Air China AirPlus Company Account is a company travel account which your company can use to centrally invoice airline tickets, other travel related expenses. Also known as a UATP card or Air Travel Card.

With a central and automatic compilation of all travel costs, not only are accounting processes optimized, but descriptive billing data such as cost center and employee number are also disclosed. So you always have an eye on where costs occur and you can develop targeted strategies for cutting costs.

A central settlement account like Air China AirPlus Company Account is generally worthwhile with a transaction volume of at least 15,000 EUR p.a. Starting at this amount, transparency of travel costs pays off.

The card number is primarily used as a payment system for your (online) travel agencies. The business travelers in your company can simultaneously use the number. One of the biggest advantages of our central settlement account is the transparent collective invoice. Instead of many individual receipts, you receive a single invoice on which all travel expenditures are summarized at a glance.

You can not only invoice airline flights with the Air China AirPlus Company Account, but also rail tickets, rental cars and hotel bookings. If your travel agency is an AirPlus Merchant, you can also invoice all travel agency services using the Company Account.

If a corporation has several subsidiaries, of course every subsidiary can have its own Air China AirPlus Company Account. Each individual Company Account can be organized differently according to descriptive billing data. In smaller businesses with only one travel agency, it isn’t necessary, because even with just one card, the AirPlus invoice provides a very detailed overview of incurred travel costs, which of course upon request can then be further sorted according to descriptive billing data.

No. Neither a CVC nor a signature is needed for booking. With a central settlement account all the required data is already with the travel agency (signature on file).

Yes. You must give a valid reference number when booking your E-ticket, for example your account number so you can be identified at the airport. Of course, you can also check in using your customer or credit card at the check-in machine. At certain airports, you can also check in at machines using your personal ID.

Yes. Transaction fees (and also commission transferals) can be invoiced through your account. They appear separately on the statement and can be assigned to the appropriate travel activity.

Yes. There is a travel insurance option. Your AirPlus representative can provide further details about the type and extent of coverage.

As soon as you have decided how you want to structure your account, you will be registered as a user of an Air China AirPlus Company Account within 4 weeks.

If it’s your first application, it takes about one to two weeks for verification. If you already have an account and are applying for an additional card, you will receive it within about 3 days.

Usually an Air China AirPlus Company Account is valid for 5 years, after which you receive a new account with the same number.

Yes. We offer a wide spectrum of tools with which you can tailor accounting data and accounting analysis to your specifications. If you wish, we also offer training for optimal use of these tools.

Yes. We can extract data from your Air China AirPlus Company Account and compile it with other cost data.

Access to your data is protected and is only accessible to those who have to handle it. We take your data security very seriously and abide by the corresponding data protection laws of the EU and Singapore.

We recommend an automatic reconciliation using electronic invoice data. The travel agency data as well as the AirPlus statement data is electronically imported into “AirPlus Invoice Control” (only available in LARS format) and compared using the delivery number. Missing delivery numbers can be added or corrected.

There is no difference. All three terms are descriptions for numbers on the travel agency receipt.

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