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We want you to get ahead

AirPlus supports its employees with extensive possibilites for professional and personal advancement.

It is important for us to optimally and individually cultivate our employees’ capabilities in order to prepare them for further challenges.

Using a variety of means, we actively support the professional and personal development of our employees.

Continuing education “on the job”

We enable our employees to integrate new challenges in their everyday work life and to become acquainted with other work areas.

  • Job Enlargement & Job Enrichment: Job enlargement within job area

  • Job Rotation: “Transfer” in another work area or a job switch with colleagues

  • Cross-Trainings: insight into the work of other teams and adjoining departments

  • Project Work: Collaboration with other or adjoining professional fields


Continuing education “off the job”

In addition to the possibility for further education “on the job”, we support our employees with an extensive workshop program.

  • Workshops: AirPlus provides an extensive internal workshop program that is regularly updated.

  • AirPlus Academy: Experts from the company introduce AirPlus topics and conduct a question and answer session.

  • External continuing education: For certain topics, employees have the possibility to participate in external programs.


Go International

All AirPlus employees have the possibility to visit one of our foreign offices for a week or longer. They can improve their language skills, strengthen their intercultural competence and observe their international co-workers in action.



The program GROW! aims to promote the continued development and support of particularly high-performance employees who, until now, have not had any management or specialist function. The program lasts for 18 months and focuses on the following aspects:

  • Personal development

  • International outlook

  • Project management

  • Cross-functional thinking


AirPlus XChange

AirPlus XChange is a program for management leaders. Leadership competence is bolstered and developed here, experience shared and professional and current topics covered.

  • Management School (10 meetings a year): Concentration on economic topics.

  • Round Table: Two-month program with a changing roster of participants; discussion of recent and relevant leadership themes.


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