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Global strategies for multinational corporations

Count on AirPlus and our worldwide competence. Our Travel Management solutions are perfectly tailored to the needs of corporations operating in a global market.

How can an organizational balance be found between centralized processes and special localized demands? We extensively advise and support you in all the areas required by a multinational player – from payment to accounting to analysis. One big advantage is that all of our solutions work seamlessly with your ERP systems.

Think global, trade local

A big plus with AirPlus – we are neutral. This is helpful because local travel agencies or organizers know the local market better and can often provide cheaper solutions and bookings. With AirPlus you don’t have to forgo your local network when centralizing your Travel Management services. Our motto is – your partners are our partners!

International data consolidation

Streamlining your Travel Management gives you a maximum of benefits. Our analysis tools gather all the relevant data from your international branches’ and subsidiaries’ settlement accounts and company credit cards and evaluate them. You can derive important information from this data, for instance, for negotiating with airlines about company rates. Plus, it also helps you establish international travel guidelines.

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Information about our settlement account

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