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Data capture is so easy

Whether booking airlines, car rentals or train reservations – play a leading role in bringing better invoice quality to your customers.

Data capture for existing bookings

You can capture AirPlus supplementary data for existing bookings, too. You just need the card and reservation number.

Through the additional data mask (DBI mask) in the GDS, you can capture all the additional data that your customer needs. The additional data will be forwarded from the GDS to AirPlus automatically.

Using the AirPlus Merchant Agreement you can also capture all non-BSP data via TAMARA interface (i.e. transaction fees), enter them in the TAMARA interface and pass them on to AirPlus. All customer data are then compiled and separately stated on the Air China AirPlus Company Account invoice.

Data capture form

Automatic data capture: TAMARA

AirPlus TAMARA stands for Ticket and Merchant Agreement Record for Agencies, and it describes a data interface.

Via the AirPlus format TAMARA, as a travel agency you can also transmit additional data to us for all transactions of your client’s Air China AirPlus Company Account. In addition, you can separately itemize and account for all of your own travel agency services (such as transaction fees) or additional information (DBI).

The information transmitted to AirPlus in the TAMARA format is generated from the Back Office System of your travel agency.

Since a similar provision of data by means of GDS is often not possible, as a travel agency with AirPlus TAMARA you also have an outstanding tool available to create a detailed overview of actual costs.

In order to correct rejected transactions, you may use the program “TAMARA Viewer”. The program including the user manual can be downloaded at:

Manual AirPlus Tamara Viewer

Setup AirPlus Tamara Viewer

Setup AirPlus Tamara Viewer Unicode

TX Editor

As a travel agency you know how important a reliable and complete data transfer is. Traditional mail isn’t always the safest solution.

The AirPlus TX Editor gathers and transfers card transactions and supplementary data electronically. The software also provides you with a detailed breakdown, i.e. by single positions, cost centers, etc.

The AirPlus TX Editor is the ideal supplement for existing systems. It enables a connection to AirPlus card systems that require supplementary data capture, such as the Air China AirPlus Company Account.

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