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What are the benefits of electronic invoicing?

Invoice figures and data are easily adapted and processed.

Receive your invoice data electronically, adapt them with a touch of a finger to your bookkeeping system and accelerate the processing of your travel costs.

Direct transfer, immediate integration

With AirPlus Electronic Billing you profit from the further processing of your data.

The advantages:

  • Guaranteed compatibility – you choose your data format

  • Automated processes for reduced work time

  • Less mistakes than with entry by hand

  • No double entries

  • Very secure transfer

Individually designed, perfectly matched

Create your electronic invoice as you wish. With the AirPlus FlexEbill we deliver your invoice data in the format you define:

  • CSV data adaptable to individual needs

  • Field information can be chosen arbitrarily, arranged and merged

  • No additional costs for adapting downstream systems

  • A selected layout can be changed at anytime

Specific sorting, easy overview

Quickly and easily adapt your electronic invoice data with AirPlus Invoice Control.

The benefits:

  • More exact layout of data material

  • Automatic match with delivery note data

  • Supplementary data processing and creation of intermediate sums

  • Self-explanatory software

  • Export of revised data in downstream systems possible

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AirPlus EbillingAirPlus FlexEbill

Detailed information about electronic invoice transfer

Download everything that’s important for you to know about AirPlus Electronic Billing:

Detailed information about adapting your invoice data

Download everything that’s important for you to know about AirPlus Invoice Control:

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