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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility at AirPlus

Satisfying Employee Needs with Bespoke Models for Individuals.

  • Training and Continuing Education: AirPlus offers a lot of Training and Education options including apprenticeships, internships, post-graduate MBAs, The AirPlus Academy, Go International options, the GROW and AirPlus Xchange programmes.

  • Flexible Work Models: AirPlus offers flexible working options such as sabbaticals and flexitime which are designed to respond to changes in the employees' personal and work lives.

  • Family Friendly Workplace: Compatibility of work and family is an important economic and political requirement. AirPlus takes further regards in Childcare, Contact maintenance program and Girls´ and Boys´ Day.

  • Promotion of Diversity and Acceptance: Globalization means international connections in all aspects of life. As a result of increasing internationalization, almost 25% of the AirPlus employees are not German citizens.

  • Cooperative Employment Policy: Maximum transparency and diverse working options create an important basis for motivating employees.

  • Employee Benefits: In order to indentify with the employees, AirPlus offers a range of benefits to ensure employees get excited about the company.

  • Healthy Workplace: AirPlus places great importance on the health and well-being of its employees with a health week, workplace ergonomics, first aid and fitness at work.

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AirPlus Corporate Social Responsibility

Read more about our Social Responsibility and other Corporate Social Responsibility topics at AirPlus in the CSR brochure 2013.