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2018 China Press Talk backdrop

2018 AirPlus International China Press Talk has been successefully held in Beijing

AirPlus International Creates New Success, AirPlus China further deepens China’s Market

To safeguard data security, AirPlus International actively responds to GDPR; to accelerate localization pace, AirPlus China focuses on developing Chinese companies
Photo of Mr. David Newington and Mr. Wu Kejian

Beijing-China, June 5, 2018 - Recently, AirPlus International, a leading global provider of payment and billing solutions for business travel, released a business status report on fiscal year (FY) 2017 in Beijing. The Report reveals that AirPlus International delivered a year of outstanding performance by reporting €15.3 billion (or 113.2 billion yuan) in global sales in fiscal year (FY) 2017, a growth of 9% year-over-year compared to €14 billion in 2016. Meanwhile, AirPlus China maintained an impressive sales growth for nine consecutive years, with its issuing volume at the first time over €1 billion, and reached 8.8 billion yuan in total in fiscal year (FY) 2017, or a 20.12% increase year-over-year, making it sustain the leading position in China’s business travel payment management market.

At the press talk, David Newington, Commercial Director APAC of AirPlus International, announced that Mr. Wu Kejian officially assumed his position as Managing Director of AirPlus International China since June 1st, 2018.

Responding actively to GDPR, upgrading data security comprehensively

On May 25th, 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) was formally implemented. Mr. David Newington, Commercial Director APAC of AirPlus International, introduced AirPlus International’s internal endeavors in order to respond to GDPR in a timely manner, and ensure compliance, including testing and ensuring all business processes, documents, and contracts’ legality. Mr. David Newington said: “Ensuring our customers and partners’ data security has been the primary corporate responsibility ever since the establishment of AirPlus International. This is the cornerstone of our customer service.”

Localized, customized strategy deepens China’s market

As the fourth biggest market of AirPlus International, AirPlus China has retained 154 local enterprise customers, with the total number of customers reaching 1,661. The annual transaction is over 737 million. The average transaction per day is over 20,000.

Commenting on AirPlus China’s outstanding performance in the last year, Mr. Wu Kejian, the new Managing Director of AirPlus International China, remarked, “Today’s achievement stands for the recognition for our insistence on providing highly localized and customized products to Chinese corporate customers. This is inseparable from AirPlus products that can seamlessly integrate with the enterprise financial system (ERP).” Concerning the focus of AirPlus China in the future, Mr. Wu Kejian said, “In 2017, our top six customers in China’s market were all Chinese corporate customers. Our market diversification strategy has met with initial success, and it also shows that our highly localized products have been widely accepted by the market. Next, our market development focus remains on Chinese corporate customers.”

China’s business travel market grows steadily; cost control is still the priority

The ITMS 2018 reveals that Chinese travel managers generally hold an optimistic view on the business travel market for the following year. 52% of the respondents say that China’s economic development is affecting the business travel market in a positive way. 55% of Chinese business travel managers predict that business travel volume is going up in the coming year, surpassing the average level of the world (global average 35%), which indicates that China market for business travel management will further expand. In all travel expenses, nearly half of the respondents believe that airfare costs are most likely to increase, followed by hotel accommodation fees (respectively 49%, 45%).

The report also indicates that 68% of Chinese business travel managers are more concerned with cost control than travelers’ satisfactions. Their demand for optimization of business travel expenses is growing. 55% of Chinese business travel managers have to negotiate with BTM companies to control business travel costs. The main purpose of analyzing business travel data is cost control.

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