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AirPlus China and Shenzhen Airlines have been actively expanding the scope of cooperation

Since the end of 2015, AirPlus China and Shenzhen Airlines have been actively expanding the scope of cooperation. As of August 2016, Shenzhen Airlines Group Client SME website has officially accepted AirPlus Company Account as a payment method. This means that tickets purchased directly through this sales channel can be paid via AirPlus Company Account.

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Shenzhen Airlines Group Client refers to end-user companies that have signed the ticket purchasing agreement with Shenzhen Airlines and are entitled a range of privileges and services listed in the agreement. The Shenzhen Airlines' SME website is the platform that serves this group of clients' travel needs directly. Our cooperation with Shenzhen Airlines offers not just UATP/AirPlus Company Account as a payment method, but also provide AirPlus China's clients with a direct channel to purchase tickets from Shenzhen Airlines.

Apart from ticket sales, the difference in charges that occurred from rescheduling of flights and upgrades can also be settled through the AirPlus Company Account. Additionally, according to the specific needs of customers in Southern China, we have also created cost centre, order number and final destination DBI fields uploading capability, allowing corporate customers to fill in the corresponding fields on Shenzhen Airlines SME website directly and receiving the relevant data in the bills provided by AirPlus. If the client has purchased the AirPlus Information Manager and other reporting tools from us, they can also receive the data in these reports, thereby achieving better integration and centralised business travel management and control.

It should be noted that as an added security feature for AirPlus Company Account users, customers can only purchase tickets, reschedule flights and perform upgrade by logging in to the website's self-booking page.

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