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The Fifth Univ'AirPlus China was successfully held in Beijing

Univ'AirPlus China 2017 was held successfully on 22 November in Beijing

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The event “Univ’AirPlus China - Fusion on the Way: Reimagine Travel Management in Mobile Era” was held by AirPlus in Beijing to explore “Fusion Business Travel Management” as the new trend for the industry under the mobile era.

Lucy Wang, Managing Director of AirPlus International China pointed out that fusion travel management needs the cooperation among various parties.

The “fusion travel management” means a combination of technology innovation and tested management disciplines, emerging and traditional business travel service providers complementing each other, and meeting the consumers’ needs and monitoring their behaviour at the same time. To realize such management, breaking through the tradition and multi-cooperating with each other is the key. The traditional business management ecosystem has been challenged, and new business travel service providers have emerged. The revolution is coming.

AirPlus International proposes the concept of " fusion travel management", advocating the focus on travel expense management and improving traveling experience at the same time.

Fusion travel management will make business travel expenses management and travel policy invisible, embedded in the process of travel service reservation and mobile payment applications. The process of travel approval and reimbursement would be greatly optimized, meanwhile, a highly integrated centralized payment solution ensures the data stay transparent and standard.This integration will also spawn a new generation of business travel managers, who’s roles shifted from traditional business travel policymakers and executives to guiders of travel options, leaders of new technology and payment engineers.

Lucy Wang says, it is notable that AirPlus International China has exceeded a turnover of one billion euros within ten years since the company first landed inChinain 2007. China has become the third market, in addition to Germany, that gets into the "one billion euros’ clubs".

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