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Univ'AirPlus China 2016 was held successfully on 7 December in Shanghai

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The 4th Univ’AirPlus China “Towards A New Paradigm—How China Is Redefining Global Business Travel” was held successfully on 7th December in Shanghai.

After holding 3 sessions of Univ’AirPlus China in Beijing successfully, we decided to organize our event this year in Shanghai at the invitation of our Shanghai colleagues. The 4th Univ’AirPlus China focuses on the themes of “Globalization”, “Intelligent” and “Sharing” which are all the hot topics in China’s business travel industry nowadays.

Our keynote speakers presented their views on many interesting topics from GDS (TravelSky), TMC partner (Amex GBT), Sharing Economy (DiDi Chuxing) and other fields. For instance, our customer from Wyeth shared the customized PO solution for the group tickets offered by AirPlus China, which aroused interest and found an echo with other guests.

We also received a very positive interaction from our guests when Michiel showed up on the stage riding a Mobike (It is a very popular type of bike under the idea of Sharing Economy. People can rent the nearest bike by an app on smart phones and return the Mobike by roadside after reaching their destinations.) As Michiel put it in the closing speech, Sharing Economy and Mobil Payment are now influencing the development of China business travel industry, and promoting it as well. With the related topics we have brought up, we hope that all attendees could benefit from our Univ’AirPlus China this year.

As Lucy mentioned in the opening speech, with more and more Chinese enterprises stepping onto the world stage, China’s business travel market, which has already ranked first in globe, is undergoing a revolution. Only when we are brave enough to think out of boxes can we achieve great progress in the long run.

We welcomed more than 90 attendees at our Univ’AirPlus China this year; over 50% of them are customers and prospects of AirPlus China.

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