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The Third Univ'AirPlus China held successfully in Beijing

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Beijing-China, 2015

Focusing on change, innovation and the new trend of integration of China’s BTM industry, Univ’AirPlus China welcomed BTM industry experts, AirPlus International China’s commercial partners, representatives of MNCs’ senior travel managers of and high-level delegation of AirPlus International.

Participants conduct in-depth discussions from different perspectives, such as the integration of Big Data, the new model of travel payment management in the era of “internet+”, and the future of China’s business travel management. Mr. Patrick W. Diemer, Chairman of AirPlus International, delivered a keynote address at Univ’AirPlus China on “the power of Data”.

Just as Ms. Wang Lu, Managing Director of AirPlus International China, said,” Internet brought us innovation as new driver; the Zero Commission reality of airline companies forces managers completely change their service patterns and price model; internal requirements such as compliance, transparency and strict business travel policies further push companies to accelerate the integration of business travel. Besides all those mentioned above, people achieved an unprecedented consensus in the tremendous value brought by daily business management. Things happened around us reflected huge changes of business travel management in China.

The third Univ’AirPlus China attracted more than one hundred practitioners in the BTM industry, making it an activity with largest participants and scale since it entered Chinese market.

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