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2016 CTW China held in Shanghai

Lucy talking

April, 2016

Focusing “New Payment Solutions”: 2016 Corporate Travel World (CTW) was held in Shanghai on 6 April. Ms Lucy Wang, Managing Director of AirPlus China, attended and participated in the conference's pivotal roundtable discussion.

The 2016 CTW China conference was held at the Shanghai International Exhibition Centre from 6 to 8 April. World-leading business travel payment solution provider AirPlus International China's (referred to as AirPlus China) managing director Lucy Wang attended the meeting and participated in the conference's pivotal roundtable discussion. Together with senior business travel managers from Apple (China), GM and Lear Corporation as well as the senior management of Alibaba Hotel division, a lively and in-depth discussion on travel management industry's "emerging payment solution" was conducted.

During the discussion, Ms Wang shared that according to the latest "2016 AirPlus International Business Travel Management Report", the Chinese travel business market in 2016 will achieve steady growth, and industry executives are maintaining a positive outlook for the market. Moreover, the Chinese government is vigorously promoting supply-side structural reforms, with corporate expenditure reduction as one of the focus of reforms. To this end, it is projected that corporations, especially large state-owned enterprises, will focus on business travel management solutions that can allow them to systematically and logically control and optimise business travel spending with efficiency and transparency.

On this point, Ms Wang garnered the agreement and support of those present at the roundtable, and ignited a lively discussion. A participant even shared his personal experience about how AirPlus International products were able to assist him in his daily business travel management work. "First of all, as a sophisticated international contactless business travel payment solution, AirPlus has been able to maintain a 99.9 percent accuracy in data processing, which is assuring to me. At the same time, AirPlus Company Account adjusts our company's credit amount according to our company's business travel peak period to meet the needs of our business travel expenditure, which gives me peace of mind. Every six months, AirPlus's account manager will work with us to review the process and ensure that both ends are working seamlessly, which makes me feel at ease."

During the discussion, Ms Wang also revealed that AirPlus China is actively working with relevant partners to bring in more advanced AirPlus products into the Chinese market to compete with the emerging payment methods in the market and to satisfy the needs of the local clientele more comprehensively.

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