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Business Travel Flashlight: Business Travel Facts & Trends

AirPlus Flashlight No. 7

Beijing, 15/12/2009

Business Flights by European Companies: 59 Percent are Travels Abroad

Where are you heading? European business travelers most frequently take flights to destinations abroad – 59 percent of all business trips in 2009. Forty-five percent of business flights were within Europe, 14 percent were intercontinental, and 41 percent to domestic destinations.

On a European average, the global recession surprisingly did not cause notable shifts in domestic, continental and intercontinental routes. Despite the decrease in overall volumes, the apportionment of business travel to the different destinations has remained virtually unchanged. This is the latest finding of a market research conducted by AirPlus, the leading international provider of travel payment and reporting solutions. The AirPlus Business Travel Index is based on the evaluation of more than 12 million annual flight bookings made by over 32,000 companies worldwide.


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