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Business Travel Flashlight: Business Travel Facts & Trends

AirPlus Flashlight No. 8

Beijing, 16/12/2009

On Average, Every Travel Manager Supports 100 Staff

The larger a company, the more staff members are supported by each travel manager. On an international average, travel managers in small companies are responsible for 31 traveling staff members. In medium-sized companies, they tend 101 staff members and 351 travelers in large corporations. This results in a total average of 100 staff members per travel manager. The differences when comparing countries are also significant: a travel manager in the U.S.A. attends to an average of 447 travelers – a much higher number than his colleague in Western Europe (327). In Latin America (215), Southern Europe (199), South Africa (185) and Asia Pacific (111), this ratio is considerably lower.

These figures also represent the significance that travel management is assigned in different organizations. In smaller companies, it is one of many administrative tasks of the responsible people, and full-time travel managers are the exception. In contrast, the situation in large companies: in view of the significantly larger volumes, providing travel support to an average of 351 staff members requires very different strategic skills, for example, when negotiating corporate rates, consistently analyzing costs or continuously controlling the contingencies used.

These findings are the results of the AirPlus International Travel Management Study 2009 that interviewed 1500 travel managers in 15 business-travel markets around the globe on trends, costs and the organization of business travel.


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