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Business Travel Flashlight: Business Travel Facts & Trends

AirPlus Flashlight No. 9

Beijing, 22/12/2009

Business-Travel Expenses in Europe: Share of Air-Travel Costs drops below 50 Percent in 2009

This year, travel managers proved they can work with reduced budgets as a consequence of the global recession. The need to save led many companies to put new emphasis on individual expense blocks for business travel. Even though air travel still accounts for the highest expenses by far, its percentage is no longer above the magic 50-percent threshold. In 2009, on a European average, expenses for air travel amounted to 48 percent of overall budgets, as compared to 53 percent last year. With a current share of 7 percent of overall expenses each, the railways and rental-car companies profited from the recession (railways plus two, rental cars plus one percent).

This is the finding of a market study conducted by AirPlus, the leading international provider of business travel payment and reporting solutions. The AirPlus Business Travel Index is based on the evaluation of more than 12 million annual flight bookings made by over 32,000 companies worldwide.


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