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Privacy Statement


Privacy Statement

General Information

AirPlus Payment Management Co., Ltd. (shortened as “AirPlus” hereinafter) is the payment service company for your business travel management. It is a subsidiary of Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH with headquarters in Neu-Isenburg, Germany.

The protection of your personal data is very important to us and we want you to feel comfortable when visiting our sites. Our biggest concern is the protection of your privacy when processing personal data and we monitor this very closely in any business operations.

You may send us your data protection inquiries by e-mail .

AirPlus respects the privacy of all customers and takes appropriate steps to process and transmit customer data in a confidential and secure manner. Protection of the confidentiality of these data is an important quality criterion for us. Within the framework of our services, we process a great amount of personal and confidential data about our customers and contract companies. These include:

(1) Personal information (names and addresses, etc.).

This information is capable of identifying you. It is reported when your personal information is processed by us. We collect and process no data relating to you personally, unless you have given us express permission to do this.

(2) Statistical data

All information that relates to general statistics, such as webpage traffic and demographics. It is not possible to identify you by means of these data.

Information about data collection (personal data)

AirPlus saves, processes and transfers the collected personal data of its customers’ employees only for fulfilling its own business purposes and for the purposes of carrying out contracts offered by or made with AirPlus, including contracts entered into by AirPlus with hotel, airline or other business partners.

AirPlus does not make any other use of this information without your consent, unless your consent is not required under applicable law.

Your data is collected through the setup of the AirPlus Customer Tool. With your registration you are agreeing to the processing and transference of your data according to these Privacy Statements.

For the processing of your data we also use external service providers. They are only allowed to process the data of the AirPlus customers according to the directives that AirPlus has given them. The processing serves the exclusive purpose of making sure that your contract is carried out correctly.

We save the time at which you log in, as well as your activities, in order to be able to help you more quickly. We use this data anonymously for the improvement of our online offers. We are obligated to delete such collected data after 3 months at the latest.

In order to fulfill this purpose, all our employees are obligated in a written declaration to only process and use the data they have access to during their work. Anything else is expressly forbidden.

In carrying out our work, we use appropriate data protection technology that protects our customers against unauthorized access.

Information on data collection (statistical data)

Other information that does not relate to you personally will be collected and used by AirPlus and can be communicated to third parties. Statistical and demographic data contain no personal details that would make it possible to identify you.

Information on online security

The secure transmission of all personal data is our highest priority. For this reason the security-relevant data within the AirPlus Instant Online Access is encoded before transmission.

Do you have concerns about the transfer of your account data? Your account details are automatically encrypted and can only be decoded by an authorized computer. The most up-to-date security standards are used in encoding the data transference of all security-relevant pages.


We use cookies to make our website as user-friendly as possible.

Cookies are small text files sent by web servers (e.g., the web server of to your browser when you visit websites. Session cookies can collect information on your actions during one specific browser session, at the end of which they expire. In contrast, permanent cookies are saved on your computer even after a browser session has been closed and can collect information on your settings or actions on several websites.

Because cookies are text files rather than executable programs, they pose no risk to your computer. AirPlus websites ( use cookies to make web surfing more convenient and to collect data on usage. We also use cookies as part of our web tracking.

In addition to session cookies, which are deleted when your browser session ends, we use permanent cookies which are saved until deleted by you, the user. We do not use cookies to store personal data.

Depending on your browser settings, cookie files are either saved or rejected. If the files are saved, our web server will recognize your computer on your next visit or when you switch between password-protected functions and you will not have to re-enter specific information. In this way, cookies facilitate the use of websites that require users to enter information. In addition, cookies help us customize your visit to our website to the greatest extent possible.

If you do not want cookies to be used, please deactivate them. You can set your browser so that it receives our cookies, or you can use our website without the cookie function in which case the text you enter into forms on our website will not be saved for future inquiries and you will be required to provide your information again on your next visit.

Your browser already may be set so that it warns you every time it receives a cookie. Because the identification cookie must be sent every time you access a page on our website, these warnings can be very disruptive. You can define the cookie settings for each individual website separately.

Regardless of the cookies saved, for security reasons you must log onto our website every time you access a password-protected section.

Links to AirPlus’ offerings on social networks

Links on to any of our offerings on our social media pages, for example, Facebook, are links to other providers’ sites and are not used to transmit any personal information to such other providers. However, please note that third-party online offerings generally can identify at least the source of a visiting user. Since AirPlus cannot influence the way third parties process their data, AirPlus’ data protection policy does not include third-party websites.

Social media buttons

In diverse sections of its website, AirPlus gives you the opportunity to disseminate content in social media and/or to share such content. This is a convenient alternative to copying and sending links.

To this end, this website uses Shariff, the social sharing button developed by c’t magazine. Shariff shields your privacy from the users of social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Users can share pages with friends with just one click.

Shariff enables you to use social media without compromising your privacy unnecessarily. Shariff replaces the social networks’ typical share buttons and protects your browsing behavior against the curious eyes of those around you. Still, it only takes one click on the button to share information.

Every time a site is accessed, social media buttons typically transmit user data to Facebook and other networks along with precise information on your browsing activities (user tracking), even if you are not logged in or a registered user of that particular social network. In contrast, the Shariff button does not establish direct contact between the network and the user until the user clicks it. In this way, Shariff prevents you from leaving a digital trace on every site you visit.

Please note that AirPlus does not have any knowledge about or means to influence how social networks use the information you share or whether this information is provided to other websites. AirPlus recommends you read every site’s data protection policy carefully.

Data Processing

AirPlus uses the data centers of its parent company, Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH, in Germany, for data processing.

For specific information about data protection in this processing we refer to the respective Privacy Statement under

Public register of procedures regarding the processing of personal data

Pursuant to §4g II pg. 2 of the BDSG (German Data Protection Act) a data protection officer will provide information regarding data appearing in points 1 - 8 of this document in accordance with §4e sentence 1 BDSG upon request presented in an appropriate fashion.

1. Name of the responsible post:

Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH

2. Business Manager:

Patrick W. Diemer (Chairman)
Roland Kern
Spencer Hanlon

3. Address of the responsible post:

Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH
Dornhofstr. 10
D-63263 Neu-Isenburg

Director of Data Processing: Spencer Hanlon
Data Protection Officer: Achim Roth

You may send us your data protection inquiries by e-mail .

4. Protection of data collection, processing or use:

The company’s objectives are:

1. To provide payment services including, but not limited to, participating in the payment card business, the payment authentication business, the in- and outgoing payment business, the debit note business, the bank transfer business including or excluding the management of payment accounts and including or excluding the granting of credits in connection with the management of payment accounts;

2. To participate in payment systems;

3. To store and process data, process cards on behalf of third parties, develop, create and distribute software, provide consultation services, process invoice data in electronic formats, operate and market online portals (for example, for business travelers and travel managers), distribute card terminals, operate a print shop and a letter shop, customize customer and service cards, provide logistics and fulfillment services, provide services for third-party programs for customer retention, provide barter cards for the compensation business;

4. To make use of usage rights regarding traffic infrastructure including acquiring and selling these rights, for example, for toll roads, parking spaces, ferries, tunnels, etc.

5. To market services provided by the company or by third parties.

Data collection, processing and use of personal data occur only for carrying out business of Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH.

5. Description of groups of persons affected and their related data or data categories:

Essentially, Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH captures, maintains and uses data for the following groups of people to the extent that this is necessary to fulfill the purposes specified in 4:

  • Customers (address data, credit card data, bank data)
  • Prospects (products of interest, address data)
  • Employees (administration, payroll, personal development, management, training and communication)
  • Enrollees (administration and communication)
  • Business partners and suppliers (address data, administration and performance data)
  • Contact persons for the aforementioned groups and press contacts (support information and address data).

6. Recipients or categories of recipients to whom data may be disclosed:

Public service authorities where high-priority legal regulations demand, external contractors according to §11 BDSG, as well as external offices and internal Lufthansa AirPlus departments, for fulfilling the purposes specified in 4.

7. Statutory periods for deleting data:

After expiration of storage obligations and periods as decreed by regulatory authorities, the relevant data is routinely deleted. Any data to which this does not apply is deleted if it is not needed for the purposes specified in 4.

8. Planned transmission of data to other countries:

Data are transmitted to authorities, customers and suppliers in various countries within the context of conducting transactions that fulfill the business purpose in accordance with the above-named international regulations.

Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH
Data Protection Officer

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