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Phone service

Our AirPlus Customer Service is there to assist you whatever the question.
+41 (0)43 210 37 50

Card service for your UBS Visa Corporate Card AirPlus

Have you lost your card? Contact our bank partner UBS as quickly as possible and put a stop on the card.
+41 (0)44 828 37 37

E-mail service

Our AirPlus Customer Support is there to assist you whatever the question:
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Centrally paid travel services.

Simplify processes, minimize risks.

The flexible solution for the payment of travel services in a travel agency

If you are a travel agency with the need to pay third-party providers such as hotels, railways, low-cost carriers or travel coordinators, there are no practical, secure methods. Very often you have to resort to your own personal credit card and bear a personal risk. Subsequent to that you have to reconcile the items on your credit card statement.

The AirPlus Travel Agency Account is a flexible payment and billing solution that is specially tailored to the needs of a travel agency. Thanks to fully automated payment processes, you can reduce your costs and increase your cashflow. AirPlus offers travel agencies the optimal solution to make daily work easier, increase security and save costs.

Learn more about our solution for travel agencies:

The AirPlus Travel Agency Account is free of charge for you.

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