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Phone service

Our AirPlus Customer Service is there to assist you whatever the question.
+41 (0)43 210 37 50

Card service for your UBS Visa Corporate Card AirPlus

Have you lost your card? Contact our bank partner UBS as quickly as possible and put a stop on the card.
+41 (0)44 828 37 37

E-mail service

Our AirPlus Customer Support is there to assist you whatever the question:
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People sitting at an event

Pay for your meeting expenses centrally.

Simplify processes, reduce costs.


A comprehensive solution for payment and accounting for your event costs

Your benefits in detail:

  • Clear statements of account providing a complete overview of all services.
  • Variable extra data.
  • Worldwide acceptance through the MasterCard network.
  • Reliable key figures and overview of expenses lead to improved negotiating positions.
  • Automated in-house processes bring cost reductions.
  • Detailed assessment possibilities and highly efficient analysis tools.

Find out more about our product for central management of your event costs:

We help you save costs!

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