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Bel ons!

Als u vragen heeft of meer informatie wenst, aarzel dan niet om contact met ons op te nemen.

Hotline voor kaarthouders van een AirPlus Corporate Card
(Voor hulp, vragen, verloren en gestolen kaarten)
+32 (0) 2 4000 150

+352 (0) 278 710 8 1

Hotline voor Program Managers en andere corporate klanten:
+32 (0) 2 550 88 88

Neem contact op via email!

E-mailadres voor kaarthouders van een AirPlus Corporate Card

E-mailadres voor Program managers en andere zakelijke klanten:
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Zakenman op een luchthaven die een tablet houdt

Uw vertrouwen drijft ons:
Referenties van onze klanten

We zijn bijzonder trots op onze klanten

Wereldwijd vertrouwen 49,000 klanten op AirPlus. Dankzij onze oplossingen beheren ze hun zakenreizen op een betrouwbare en succesvolle manier. Hun waardevolle feedback motiveert ons om de producten en diensten van AirPlus elke dag te verbeteren.

Dit is wat onze klanten zeggen over AirPlus:

Bluewater Energy Services BV, klant sinds 2002

Next to flexibility, the virtual payment solution provides a big advantage for the finance department

AerCap, klant sinds 2003

Aercap has been a client of Airplus since 2003 and we are very pleased wth the service they provide. Our relationship with Airplus has developed over the last 13 years and has included the successful expansion of their services to Aercap's offices worldwide.

European Patent Office, klant sinds 2005

We Mainly use the AirPlus Debit Account as the central payment system where the additional credit card fees of some of our key airlines are waived. This results in saving in our overall travel budget.

MEYN Food Processing Technology (NL), klant sinds 2006

Travel Manager Meyn:´ The processing of travel expenses is fast, digital and clear since the cooperation with AirPlus. And the service level is really Exceptional

ALLSEAS (NL), klant sinds 2007

Contact with AirPlus is also very personal, we talk to the same people who understand our company and our needs.

MATTEL (NL), klant sinds 2007

AirPlus and Mattel are a team! Thanks to working with AirPlus, we have been able to automate payment processes whereas in the past they were done manually, hence saving a lot of time and avoiding personal errors

TOMTOM (NL), klant sinds 2007

The most important asset of working with AirPlus is the fact that thanks to the travel payment solutions they offer, we take a large burden away from our travelers

Ziggo B.V., klant sinds 2011

At the moment we are really pleased with the AirPlus virtual payment solution and the super communication with our Account manager.

Atradius Credit Insurance N.V., klant sinds 2012

AirPlus is the global payment provider for Atradius, making it easy to consolidate and streamline all data for Atradius on a global scale. In all countries worldwide we work with different travel agents, AirPlus however, was the perfect fit in all markets: `We have an AirPlus Company Account and make use of the AirPlus virtual payment solution A.I.D.A. as well as the AirPlus Information Manager.´

VF EUROPE (BE), klant sinds 2012

European Office Services Manager: `The AirPlus tools are extremely user friendly. You needn´t be a computer expert or financial genius to get from the system what you need.

LEASEPLAN (NL), klant sinds 2013

We know that when our employees travel, we take them away from their homes and family. Therefore, it is important for LeasePlan to unburden its travelers as much as possible

Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek TNO, klant sinds 2013

`The advantage of working with AirPlus is that we can now see a lot more information on the statements, such as the traveler´s name, departure date, project, personnel number etc. We receive the data in electronic format which is ideal for our financial administration.

RTBF (BE), klant sinds 2013

Thanks to AirPlus we have found a solution to solve all problems and counter any type of fraudulent use of our credit cards.

ONTEX (BE), klant sinds 2014

Besides being an additional tool for negotiations, the increased transparency also ensures awareness in the various departments

Roche Diagnostics, klant sinds 2016

With our transition to the virtual card solution of AirPlus for our travel expenses we've streamlined our travel payment proccess. Not only did we improve processing efficiences in our financial administration; the flexible report solutions of AirPlus offer us valuable insights into our travel expenses. It has been a pleasure to work with the AirPlus team members during and after our recent transition. We very much appreciate their professionalism, continued commitment and sincere willingness to help us maximise the benefits from the AirPlus services.

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