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Hotline for cardholders of an AirPlus Corporate Card
(for help, questions, lost and stolen cards)
+32 (0) 2 4000 150

+352 (0) 278 710 8 1

Hotline for Program Managers and other corporate customers:
+32 (0) 2 550 88 88

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Email address for cardholders of an AirPlus Corporate Card

Email Address for Program Managers and other corporate customers:
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Our AirPlus Business partners

AirPlus´ solutions and the platforms of our partners: The optimal solution in every situation

AirPlus International Business Partners

As a Travel Payment specialist, we offer you and your traveling colleagues payment solutions for every situation. As a logical addition to this, we have built up an extensive partner network over the years to ensure that our solutions can also be used on the most important platforms for booking travel, hotels & rental cars. Below you will find an overview of our main partners:


Tens of thousands of travel agents worldwide use the Amadeus platform as their internal sales and reservation system. With this solution, content from hundreds of airlines, car rental companies & hotel chains can be booked and settled with an AirPlus Account and / or Airplus credit in the Amadeus B2B wallet.


The Amex GBT travel management solutions help manage costs, thanks in part to a worldwide network of suppliers. Amex GBT has been an AirPlus partner for many years and accepts both the AirPlus Company Account and the AirPlus Corporate Cards to settle the trips booked with them.


Direct ATPI provides a scalable solution that allows multinationals to use ATPI's knowledge worldwide and local markets. In addition, ATPI also offers sector-specific expertise. Both AirPlus Company Account and AirPlus Corporate Cards can be used to book trips via ATPI.


BCD Travel helps travel managers and buyers to get more benefit from their travel management - including through the AirPlus payment solutions - so that their employees can also be more productive on the road.

Hotels for business travel can be booked worldwide via the for Business platform. The costs can be settled centrally with the AirPlus Virtual Cards.


Conferma is a software supplier that helps customers increase their efficiency by accelerating their payment processes. With the virtual payment solution Conferma Pay it is also possible for employees without a corporate credit card to pay for flights and hotels centrally, for example via AirPlus Virtual Cards.


CWT helps organizations of all sizes create travel programs that appeal to employees and enable them to be more productive, including by using the AirPlus Company Account and / or the AirPlus Corporate Cards to pay for travel.


Egencia makes business travel and travel management easier, for example by using the AirPlus payment solutions. The Egencia travel management solution combines self-service with local and relevant expert support.


FCM Travel Solutions provides solutions in the field of international business travel. Customers have access to a worldwide network of air fares, hotels and road transport options and can use the AirPlus Company Account and / or the AirPlus Corporate Cards to pay for bookings.


The Horse21pro platform combines offline & online trip management, provides access to travel agencies & facilitates hotel booking. Via Horse21pro the costs can be settled centrally via the AirPlus Company Account on voucher.


With HRS hotel nights can be paid centrally and a consolidated invoice is provided. Detailed data provides more transparency and the costs can be settled via the AirPlus Company Account or AirPlus Virtual Cards.


The MobileXpense solution helps business travelers and corporate controlling by automating and streamlining the expense reporting process. AirPlus has an integration with MobileXpense, so that travel costs settled via AirPlus are loaded directly into the expense system.


The Concur Travel booking tool simplifies the booking experience and helps manage costs by aggregating the entire process and all travel and expense data in one place. With both Concur Travel and Concur Expense, AirPlus has an integration for settling and claiming travel-related costs.


Uniglobe Travel guarantees personal service and always tries to offer the most optimal travel schedule and the best rate for airline tickets, hotels and rental cars. The costs for these bookings can be paid via AirPlus.

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