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Hotline for cardholders of an AirPlus Corporate Card
(for help, questions, lost and stolen cards)
+32 (0) 2 4000 150

+352 (0) 278 710 8 1

Hotline for Program Managers and other corporate customers:
+32 (0) 2 550 88 88

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Email address for cardholders of an AirPlus Corporate Card

Email Address for Program Managers and other corporate customers:
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AirPlus Virtual Cards Travel Trade are virtual credit cards designed specifically for the travel industry and optimize the payment process of travel service providers.

AirPlus Virtual Cards Travel TradePay simply and securely with virtual credit cards

Centrally pay and reconcile your travel services with AirPlus Virtual Cards Travel Trade

Our virtual credit cards designed specifically for travel trade are the ideal solution for controlling and managing your supplier expenses centrally.

By generating a virtual credit card number from the Mastercard® network, you can pay all your travel services worldwide.

Each card number can be limited to a specific booking, and set to a specific amount, validity period, and currency. This ensures that your travel trade virtual cards are both secure and flexible, especially for your booking agents, managing multiple payments on multiple channels every day.

All expenses are invoiced with a single central statement. Additional transaction data saves you time allocating expenses and seamlessly links from payment to booking.

Overcome the challenge of advance payments

Key needs of travel trade companies:

  • Reconcile payment transactions and supplier invoices
  • Safeguard cash flow

Managing and controlling these two key needs can present a big challenge for many travel trade companies. AirPlus Virtual Cards Travel Trade help make cash and private payment methods a thing of the past.

  • Digital statements include all necessary information to reconcile transactions and invoices, enriched with additional data in an easy-to-read overview
  • Our virtual travel trade solution combines credit-line and payment terms to significantly improve cash flow

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Global acceptance
    Pay with AirPlus Virtual Cards Travel Trade anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. The payment solution is used in every corner of the world (192+ countries).
  • Secure and controlled
    You never need to provide account information, just a credit card number valid for one-time use, set with customized spend limit and validity period.
  • Optimized processes
    No need for time-intensive, error-prone manual reporting thanks to centrally billed travel services. Enriched data such as booking and reservation numbers also simplify the reconciliation process.
  • Complete transparency
    Every virtual card offers up to five fields of additional customizable transaction data. All payments are settled centrally and consolidated with the metadata in a single, easy-to-read overview.

Learn more about the AirPlus Travel Trade Account

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