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Business traveller in car

The business traveller:
“I want to have the greatest convenience possible”

“As a field rep, I am often on the road at home and abroad. I do a lot for my company – convenience and security while traveling are naturally to be expected. I don’t want to have to pay for business expenses out of my pocket for weeks in advance."


With AirPlus, pay and account for your business trips more easily

Business travelers need a secure, flexible means of payment. Carrying large amounts of cash on trips is both unsafe and impractical. Paying for expenses in advance using your private credit card is also inconvenient and costly. After the trip, travel expense reporting should be done swiftly and easily. And should something happen while on the road, sufficient insurance coverage is a must.

AirPlus simplifies not only payments while traveling, but also makes travel expenses transparent for both the employee and the company. With the centrally lodged AirPlus Company Account, the convenience gets even better. All large cost items such as flights are centrally booked and paid by the travel department so that employees themselves no longer have to make advance payments.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Flexible and secure means of payment for business trips
  • Accepted worldwide
  • All expenses – even those on the road – in view
  • No more cash advances or collecting of individual receipts
  • Easy and transparent travel expense reporting
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage


Learn more about our solutions for your travel expense management:

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