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All travel expenses under control

Before, during and after the trip

Find everything you need with us: a powerful, centralised solution that makes your business operation a whole lot simpler.

As the number of business trips in a company increases, it is easy to lose track of the type and extent of travel costs. This leads to a lack of key information for optimal travel policies and negotiations with service providers – numbers you need to save on travel costs. Gather all the data you need with our centralised payment solutions and access it with your own personalised AirPlus Business Travel Portal.

AirPlus Business Travel Portal, your access to all our solutions

The AirPlus Business Travel Portal is an online platform and your entry point to all AirPlus products and services. It gives you complete service for your business travel management:

  • Online access to all bills over the past twelve months
  • Overview of the volume of all AirPlus card products – prior to invoicing
  • Access to our reporting tool, the AirPlus Information Manager
  • Overview of the electronic billing information of your company
  • Online card application

Around-the-clock service

You are only one click away to access your online account as well as all data and services you require at anytime anywhere with our Business Travel Portal. From the portal, you can conveniently settle all payments incurred before and during a business trip and use our comprehensive information management system to analyse all travel expenses after the trip no matter the time of the day!

Our end-to-end solution from pre to post trip:

Planning and settling before the trip

Before the trip

“It used to take two to three days to reconcile travel transactions – a huge and inefficient burden for our travel and finance teams. Now we receive a monthly bill and everything is automated. This has significantly reduced the time spent on reconciliations.” Lisa Knevitt, Travel and Events Manager APAC, Cook Medical

Plan and settle centrally - Use AirPlus Company Account or AirPlus Virtual Cards as your means of payment for travel bookings and receive a single, transparent invoice to process and reconcile. Not to forget, all travellers whose trips have been paid through AirPlus are comprehensively insured.

During the trip

“Since a few years we use AirPlus Virtual Cards, which made life much easier for everybody. We use it for air, low cost carriers, for hotels, train and ferry tickets. Next to flexibility, the virtual payment solution provides a big advantage for the Finance department, because they have less expense sheets to process as everything is fully automated” Irma Rinkel, Travel Manager, Bluewater Energy Services

Pay on the go - Pay any expenses incurred while travelling with our AirPlus Virtual Card by generating a virtual MasterCard number. Travel expense reporting is greatly simplified with a unique identifier for each virtual card generated and travellers are comprehensively insured during the entire trip.

After the trip

“On top of the savings in time and effort reconciling travel expenses, AirPlus provides a sophisticated, user friendly reporting tool from the AirPlus Information Manager. This reporting tool provides easy to use and configurable data fields that allow Monash to report on any element or aspect of their travel and expense program. This has saved Monash many hours as we now have an easy to use reporting tool at our finger tips.” Terry Johnson, Category Manager, Strategic Procurement at Monash University

Evaluate, optimize and report after the trip - With our Information Management System, you can evaluate in detail all services paid through AirPlus. From this data, you can then quickly draw the right conclusions and make important decisions.

Find out more about our solutions for your Business Travel Program:

Start saving time and money. Call us today on 1 800 079 558 to learn about our custom-made solutions or fill in this form to be contacted by our team.

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