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AirPlus Information Manager

The comprehensive analysis tool for your travel expenses

Effective travel expense management starts with travel cost evaluation

Booking business trips involves a great deal of data such as information about the traveller, the period of travel, expenses, cost centres, personnel numbers, and service providers. This data gives you valuable information for controlling and saving travel costs – assuming you have the appropriate analysis tool. Reliable and transparent information is the basis for successful purchase negotiations and targeted cost reduction.

Transform your business travel data into valuable knowledge with our Information Manager

We give you the optimal analysis tool to go with the quality pool of data so that you can easily draw the right conclusion about your travel data. With the AirPlus Information Manager you can see who incurred which costs for what and when. It is a quick and easy to operate information management system that adapts to your needs, evaluates data according to your specifications and makes all your travel expenses transparent. Just one click and you get pertinent figures and graphics, which can include company-specific information such as cost centres and configure the analyses according to your needs. For more complex issues, you can also evaluate the travel services in detail and individually. You can select, filter and group criteria that are important to you from more than 100 data fields.

Your benefits at a glance:

Interested in the AirPlus Information Manager? Call us today on 1 800 079 558 and learn about our custom-made solutions.

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