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AirPlus Company Account

Centralised payment and settlement solution

Make the most of your business travel payment

Before a business trip, flights, hotels or rental cars need to be booked. These and other services still have to be settled and evaluated. While doing so, many individual receipts quickly pile up on the desk and often the costs cannot be clearly allocated.

Keep your business travel management under control with the AirPlus Company Account

With the AirPlus Company Account, you can pay and bill flight tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars through a central account. You no longer need to collect any individual receipts; instead, you get a single transparent statement with all relevant information. This allows you to easily allocate and fully evaluate all expenses. You can then actively control your travel costs, and save time and money. What’s more, with the AirPlus Company Account your employees get comprehensive insurance coverage while on their business trips.

Easy reconciliation, seamless integration

With our Company Account, you can decide on the information you want on your statement. Whether you need to control the expenses by department, project or cost centre, we customise your statement to your requirements allowing seamless invoice reconciliation. Additionally, with us, you can load the accounting data from your AirPlus payment solutions directly into your travel expense reporting and accounting systems. We provide different data formats for various interfaces so that you can speed up your business processing and significantly reduce errors with electronic data entry and automation. Also, we support various data transfer methods and formats and have standard data interfaces to a number of partners.

Climate-neutral and comfortable all around the globe

The AirPlus Company Account is a completely climate-neutral billing solution. It is the world’s first fully carbon-neutral product in the financial services sector and thus sets a new benchmark in environmental protection.

Your benefits at a glance

Interested in the Company Account? Call us today on 1 800 079 558 to learn about our custom-made solutions.

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AirPlus is a member of the UATP
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