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A.I.D.A. Virtual Cards

Pay simply and securely with AirPlus virtual payment


More flexibility with a virtual payment solution

With AirPlus A.I.D.A. Virtual Cards, you generate 16-digit MasterCard numbers which are perfect to pay for travel and entertainment expenses such as hotels and car hire. Also, as a centralised payment solution, transactions are settled through the AirPlus Company Account and bundled invoicing ensures that reconciliation is straightforward.

Bill centrally and control your spend with AirPlus A.I.D.A. Virtual Payment

With AirPlus A.I.D.A. Virtual Cards, you can quickly create unique MasterCard® credit card numbers for a specific purpose and use them to pay for travel services worldwide. The virtual credit card from AirPlus is a digital version of a MasterCard® credit card that is created only for the payment of one specific travel service. Each card number can be limited to the specific purpose, and also to a set amount, validity period and currency. That makes AirPlus A.I.D.A. virtual payment particularly secure and flexible – especially for employees who do not have corporate credit cards or for service providers who are travelling at your expense. All expenses are invoiced centrally through the AirPlus Company Account and appear on a clear collective invoice/statement. Even the time-intensive allocation of expenses is made easier, thanks to additional information and the clear link between payment and booking.

Your benefits at a glance

Pay even more flexibly with Mobile A.I.D.A.

With our smartphone mobile payment app, authorized staff can create virtual credit cards if required when travelling and use these to pay flexibly on location.

Mobile A.I.D.A. can thus be of particular help in an emergency situation: If cash and credit cards are stolen while travelling on business, the trip can be continued, thanks to the rapid response through the app. A virtual credit card can be generated at any time which the traveller can use to pay the bills. Mobile A.I.D.A. provides security in the case of unforeseeable expenditure. And that around the clock, almost anywhere in the world.

Easy reconciliation, seamless integration

With our solution you can decide on the information you want on your statement. Whether you need to control the expenses by department, project or cost centre, we customise the statement to your requirements allowing seamless invoice reconciliation. Additionally, With us, you can load the accounting data of your AirPlus payment solutions directly into your travel expense reporting and accounting systems. We provide different data formats for various interfaces. You can speed up your business processing and significantly reduce errors with electronic data entry and automation. We support various data transfer methods and formats and have standard data interfaces to a number of partners.

Facts and figures of AirPlus A.I.D.A. in 2018

Interested in a virtual payment solution? Call us today on +61 (0) 2 8324 5670 to learn more about A.I.D.A.


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