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Choosing the right business travel partner

With offices in ten countries in APAC, over 1,300 staff, multiple business units, and several cross-regional and cross-country teams, our customer’s business travel program is broad and complex.

“We choose to work with vendors who we can trust, who anticipate our needs and who react to our requests quickly and effectively. AirPlus does all of these things and more.”

The Challenges

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Our customer needed to proactively manage the payment of its business travel program. The teams involved required full control and around the clock tools to ensure visibility over all travel spend with the ability to track spend as it occurred and analyse the data by region, function and employee.

Up until 2012, the company used a manual and labour intensive process to manage all payments taking up to three days to process the reconciliation of travel expenses.

How our solutions helped?

AirPlus International worked closely with the customer to deliver a customised end-to-end payment solution to fulfill both its financial requirements as well as to comply to the regulation in regards to financial practices applied in the medical industry.

AirPlus centralised billing and automated solution answered both of the customer’s main concerns: saving time on reconciliation while providing greater visibility, control and reporting capability over all travel spend.

“It used to take two to three days to reconcile travel transactions – a huge and inefficient burden for our travel and finance teams. Now we receive a monthly bill and everything is automated. This has significantly reduced the time spent on reconciliations.”


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“At the click of a button we can access reports which enable us to interpret and share data easily. For example we can provide a breakdown by country, allowing us to recharge each country easily.”

In the last few years, the company has grown substantially with a subsequent increase in travel. The AirPlus International solution has allowed for the company to scale, and ensured that the reconciliation process hasn’t become more onerous over time. A key benefit of the AirPlus solution is that it enables businesses to grow and continue to facilitate reconciliation and control, no matter the size of their travel program.

The customer suggested that the relationship with AirPlus International is what contributed to the program’s success.

“The AirPlus team has always been very open and transparent. They are very proactive and communicate with us regularly. When we first started working with AirPlus they invested time in really understanding our needs, our industry and our business. They were very hands-on and ensured that everything was implemented to the highest standard. “This has meant that we rarely require any changes. But when we do see an opportunity to customise the system, the AirPlus team have been extremely responsive and have actioned those changes immediately.”

Companies around the world chose AirPlus as their business travel payment partner

Call us today on 1 800 079 558 to learn more about our custom-made solutions.

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