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Flexible travel payment solutions

Save up to 30% on your travel and processing costs

Streamline your processes with a central payment solution

Travel volume and travel expenses are steadily increasing, while the margins for savings are getting tighter and tighter. In spite of this, your travel costs can be reduced by up to 30% with improved internal workflows. With smart solutions from AirPlus, you can simplify your payment and accounting processes significantly.

Our centralized payment solutions AirPlus Company Account and AirPlus Virtual Cards are ideal for the efficient control of your travel budget. They simplify the management of your business travel noticeably – through greater transparency and a more effective organization of internal processes.

With our payment solutions, you can invoice all services centrally. Instead of processing countless individual receipts, you’ll receive a single transparent statement pooled from all your travel expenses.

Simplify and speed up your reconciling process with automated data integration

Automated business processes play a big role in reducing costs in a company: They prevent errors in data entry and significantly speed up tasks.

With the data integration solution of AirPlus, you can incorporate all travel-related billing data directly into your travel expense reporting or accounting systems. This greatly speeds up the handling of your entire business travel management.

Provide your travellers flexibility with a virtual payment solution

More than 90 percent of all companies worldwide send their employees on business trips and business travel is a company‘s third-largest cost item. With AirPlus Virtual Cards, you can significantly reduce these expenses: no cash advances needed, drop in processing costs, travel expense reports are easier and comprehensive insurance protection is already included.

Control your business travel program in one click with a comprehensive reporting tool

Reliable information is the basis for conducting purchasing negotiations and targeted cost reduction – for business travel, too. In addition to a quality pool of data, we give you the optimal analysis tools so that you can easily draw the right conclusion from your travel data.

With the AirPlus Information Manager you get the relevant numbers for controlling your business travel management.

What’s more, the AirPlus Green Reports supply you with key data for your environmental management and corporate sustainability reports.

Benefiting not just one department, the advantages of our payment solution will positively impact every stakeholder in your organization:

Interested in saving time and money ? Call us today on +61 (0) 2 8324 5670 to learn about our custom-made solutions or fill in this form to be contacted by our team.

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